The Oceans Are Going To Change Colors, Unless We Do Something About it...

Have you noticed something weird going on with the weather lately?

One day it’s a snowing, the next it’s 70 degrees and feeling like summertime.

But don’t get comfortable yet… because tomorrow brings a thunderstorm that drops temperatures back down to freezing!

If that’s not enough to scare you, then you might want to take a seat…

Because scientists are saying that by the year 2100, the oceans will change colors!

That means, in just 80 years, entire regions of the ocean will look even “bluer”, and some parts will become greener.

In fact, this color shift could affect over 50% of the world’s oceans.

To put that in perspective, Earth’s oceans take up a collective 140 million square miles of surface area.

So take HALF of that, alter the color, and the entire face of the Earth is changed forever!

But it’s not the actual color of the water itself that’s changing.

Since the oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, most of the green colored marine phytoplankton are dying off.

The dramatic change in numbers, is what will affect the water’s appearance.

If this doesn’t SCREAM global warming, then nothing ever will.

With such an extreme change in our planet’s largest ecosystem happening so rapidly, EVERYONE on the planet should be on HIGH-ALERT.

But here’s where it gets really bad...

Phytoplankton is the base of the marine food chain. In other words, once the numbers crash, there’s no turning back.

These microscopic organisms are the food source for small sea creatures that are eaten by all kinds of fish, squid and shellfish. And once populations take a dive, many species will die.

Which also means many of the larger fish that consume them will perish as well.

”OK, so a couple of fish are gonna die. Big deal. That doesn’t affect me… right?”

Wrong! Millions of people eat fish, and use them as a source of protein. Once we cross the point of no return, the shift will have a negative impact on global health, and every economy.

Especially in island nations where they depend on the sea for their survival.

According to the World Wildlife Fund,

“Approximately three billion people in the world rely on both wild-caught and farmed seafood as their primary source of protein. As the largest traded food commodity in the world, seafood provides sustenance to billions of people worldwide.”

What this tells me, is that we can expect to see even more people starving in certain countries, as access to fish becomes more expensive each year.

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, a marine ecologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the leader of this study, says the North Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean are going to be most the vulnerable.

But it gets worse…

Besides damaging marine ecosystems, losing phytoplankton populations could speed up climate change!

Phytoplankton absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, just like trees and plants on land, meaning they help keep greenhouse gas levels in check.

Gas, like CO2 emissions, methane, and other dangerous compounds are eating away at our protective ozone layer.

Once this natural protection mechanism is destroyed, there’s no telling how much radiation will further damage the Earth.

Besides more environmental issues, we could see a huge increase in skin cancer.

Most of us on the ground will probably never notice this oceanic color change. But satellites circling above will spot the shift, giving researchers a front-row seat to one of the most significant events in history.

In just 80 years, this dangerous chain reaction may cause the mass extinction of marine life. It may even cause the loss of many human lives due to lack of food, and “SUPER” storms that destroy coastal cities.

And I haven’t even mentioned rising sea levels!

...So what should we do??? Can we even do anything about it???

My opinion is yes! We absolutely can do things to stop this from happening, just like we can fix dozens of other issues our planet has.

The quickest way to reverse some of the damage we’ve done, is to START with fashion.

16 MILLION TONS of used clothing is thrown away each year in America alone!

Just think about how much toxic gas is released into the air to produce that amount of tees, shoes, and accessories…

Now think about how much of that ends up killing fish, whales, coral reefs, etc. when it ends up in our oceans…

We do so many bad things without even realizing it, but NOW is our chance to make a real difference for all of mankind, and the animal kingdom.

The main thing we should all be doing is recycling or repurposing old clothes. You could give gently used items to a friend or family member, or donate them to the less fortunate.

But whatever you do, keep them out of the landfills and our water supply, by keeping them out of the trash!

Secondly, instead of buying new clothes, wear what you already have.

Most of us girls have a closet full of outfits we never use, and rather than putting them on, we say to ourselves, “I don’t have anything to wear”, which is 95% untrue.

Third, when you finally decide to go shopping, look for a brand that uses eco-friendly materials, original designs, and ethical manufacturing.

When you shop at places like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M to name a few, you’re supporting companies that produce MASSIVE amounts of garments, and use harmful chemicals & dyes in all of their clothing.

Once those items end up in the sea, and in giant landfills, they contaminate everything around them as they soak into the environment.

It’s for these reasons above that I started HS Styles, and vow to always use sustainable materials in every design, and have limited releases for each collection.

Because if we don’t start caring for our environment, there won’t be anything left living on Earth.

...And once the plants and animals die off, humans won’t be far behind.


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