Share Your Weakness

So many people walk around every day, with their guard up.

At first, it may seem like a smart thing to do, but this can actually bring more problems than benefits.

When someone is so afraid of being hurt, they try to portray themselves as more confident than what they really are because...

The More Confident You Are, The Stronger You Appear

But playing a role that’s not true to who you are, can lead to some pretty bad situations.

The kind that could really hurt you.

Maybe you won’t be harmed physically, but your feelings can definitely take a hit when you come back to reality.

Growing up, we learn how important it is to be strong, but no one ever told us about the benefits of being vulnerable.

Before you start panicking… showing vulnerability just means being honest about something you’ve done, experienced or the way you feel about things.

This doesn’t mean start telling complete strangers your deepest, darkest secrets.

But if you do nothing else, at least be honest with yourself about the REAL you.

Only when you accept your shortcomings, and deal with the issues that stop you from reaching your true potential, will you be ready to transform into the best version of YOU.

Realizing and accepting flaws is one of the most challenging things to do for most of us.

...But purposefully doing so can lead to a whole new life.

Why Sharing Your Weakness Can Bring You Success...

After coming “face-to-face” with your true self, it may feel like there’s no hope.

How can you possibly be that confident person you dream of, with so many issues?

That’s where being vulnerable comes in…

You can choose to dwell on how bad things are, or use them as a roadmap to becoming the person you wish to be.

9 out of 10 people will probably never take the time to think about this stuff, but those of us who do, know how eye-opening it is to seek truth from within.

Things like meditating, and just listening to others without judgement, will begin to change you from the inside-out.

But more than just affecting you, these acts will also have an impact on the people closest to you.

As you become a person that others can be honest with, and start sharing your hard moments, and the insights you’ve gotten from working on yourself, something interesting will start to happen…

Like a magnet, people who share similar experiences will gravitate towards you.

Even if their unique situation was worse, or more difficult to deal with, the fact that you were willing to open up about what you’ve been through, shows true inner-strength.

That alone is something many people crave.

It also allows people to identify with you on a much deeper emotional level.

So don’t be afraid to share your feelings with the world, because your story could be the push someone else needs to change their life too!

But just as you begin to make a difference in yourself and the lives of others, there’s going to be people who choose to be negative.

...No matter how much good you release to the world.

Never Let The Opinions of Others Sway You From Being You.

Being yourself will do one of two things…

Scare away every fake person in your life, or inspire them to stop trying so hard to be “perfect”, and find their own inner-peace.

There’s also going to be people who try make you feel bad about yourself.

Want to know a secret?

99.99% of them aren’t even happy with themselves in the least bit, so they target others to try and cope with their own issues.

It’s really sad when the only way you can feel better is is by putting another person down.

Instead of trying to transfer their pain to others, if they just opened up about how they felt, or told someone what they’re going through, maybe the wouldn’t be so sad.

And maybe they could start to turn things around.

This is why it’s also important to not only share who we are, but to pay attention and listen to others, even if they seem like everything is OK.

Because the ones that seem like they’re always happy, or always doing GREAT, are often just really good at hiding their pain.

Allowing Others to Be Themselves Leads to Genuine Relationships...

Everyone secretly wants to be accepted… it’s our nature as humans.

That’s why we feel so happy and at ease around people who are accepting, and don’t judge us for our interests, quirks, culture, skin color, etc.

Because when it comes down to it, we’re all part of the same family… HUMANITY.

If we want people to accept us for who we are, we have to first start being more open, and tolerant of others.

Why am I so serious about this?

...I crave real relationships.

The kind that are meaningful, and benefit each person involved.

It could be business relationships, friendships, family ties, even the bond we share with animals and our environment is so important!

No matter what, never let the opinions of others, sway you from being your true self.

Everyone is different, and it’s the unique qualities we each have that make us special.

I hope this post helped you in some way… If you know someone who might benefit from reading it, feel free to share!

Thanks for reading, you’re such an amazing person, and no matter what...